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  1. Firebottle

    Lore Unstable Magics

    Researching Unstable Magics I am Lunia Moonbow, Mage of Wind and researcher of magic. Some of you met me yesterday when my call to action touched your mind and pulled adventurers of all sorts to the counselor's guild in Britain. I'm posting this on the community boards to warn and advise others...
  2. Firebottle

    UOAlive Meet the UOAlive Team

    Hello there! I'm Firebottle, or many of you may know me as Nilos Copperhoof on UOAlive. It is my pleasure to join the UOAlive team as an Event Manager. Some of you may be asking what an Event Manager does exactly. Well, I plan on crafting some great stories, putting together some wonderful...
  3. Firebottle

    Past Events The Great Britain Bake Off - 6/23 @ 7pm CT

    Posted to the message board in town is a torn sheet of paper covered in smudges and flour. Friends, Prepare yourself for a one of a kind event. Welcome to... The Great Britain Bake Off! The Great Britain Bake Off invites all aspiring cooks and chefs to participate. All participants should meet...