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Patch Patch Notes 11/17/23 - Community, Legendary, WoL


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The Undead Commander is no longer a WiP and is considered Released.
We look forward to your unique builds with these subclasses posted on Discord!

A Statement from us to you all:
The Undead Commander subclass is the epitome of balance and a fantastic display of community commitment to excellence/feedback. We extend our gratitude for the constructive criticism and the vigilant eyes of everyone in the community. The quiet in this channel often indicates that our incremental adjustments to subclasses have gracefully settled into a good equilibrium.

The feedback we've received, coupled with our observations over the past few weeks, appears to align seamlessly.

Now remember in the midst of passionate debates and discussions, it may seem like we're all at odds with each other, but every piece of feedback holds value. Even a simple "this feels weird" serves as a crucial input. It's our responsibility as the designers to decipher the nuances of "weird," which is why we always encourage you to give it some time and try it out. As well, this is why we ask for the same time to watch you play and see how these mechanics are being used.

Navigating the intricacies of the two subclasses for casters and melee proved challenging. Remember, our goal is to balance each subclass, such as the Summoner and Undead Commander, against the content available on UOAlive, not against other classes or builds within the game. Pursuing such a comparison would be a fool's errand, as we aim to foster diversity in playable content across UOAlive. (which we know can be frustrating to see, as we are adamant on removing this white noise that can become unconstructive, so we can focus on our design goals) Additionally, keep in mind that our balancing efforts extend to group play, given the nature of this MMO.

We want the game to feel good as much as everyone else here. @Trillium asked the other day "Why do I get so emotionally attached to a little bundle of pixels!" And to that we say one thing: we are ALL passionate about this 25+ year old game and want to keep our home away from home stable, which can sometime come at odds of balance when it comes to a live service.

And then there is time, that fickle time, which sometimes is all that's required to make precise adjustments. Take, for example, the very existence of the Undead Commander subclass—a class that transformed from a bug into a viable build.

We appreciate all forms of feedback, be it positive or otherwise as long as it continues to be constructive and encompass the ethos that is UOAlive.

Thank you for continuously contributing to our ongoing journey!

  • Temporary Pet Dye (30 second Timer) to preview colors added to a new Stone in Magincia (wait for the timer to run out before using a second)
  • fixed focus target for creatures summoned by other creatures
  • fixed AI selection for mystic or spellweaving phoenix
  • The anniversary Box Cover artworks have been spread around Britainnia as Rare Stealables. There are 20 to collect in total.
  • To Stop IDOC Sniping, a house that enters the IDOC condition is no longer able to be refreshed. This is to make it so the IDOC discord channel is encouraged, not used as a way to know when to refresh your home.
  • To help with the difficulty of IDOC's we have reintroduced paragon chance on all mobs spawned.
  • renamed basalisk -> basilisk
  • added warning if trying to collect ALL of a vendor's held gold
  • Added Mages Hood to Transmog stone
  • Added Assassins Cowl to Transmog Stone
  • Adjustments to the taming lore gump to try to help avoid canceling training even more:
  • Changed all past and future Phoenix's rarity to Legendary to fit it's utility better with the AI Changes.
  • fixed a crash with treasure maps and world placement
  • fixed Necroweaver and Hemomancer bleed to actually be max possible tick damage of 12.
  • Bleed on Bandage for Necroweaver and Hemomancer now have an 8ish second cooldown before they can apply again.
  • fixed focus target for creatures summoned by other creatures
  • fixed AI selection for mystic or spellweaving phoenix