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Past Events Viking Themed Abyss House Contest! Starts November 1st.

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🔥 Viking-Inspired Abyss Homes Contest 🔥


🛡️ Welcome to the ultimate showdown of creativity and Viking spirit! UOAlive Events Team proudly presents the "Viking-Inspired Abyss Homes Contest." Unleash your imagination, channel your inner warrior, and construct the most awe-inspiring Viking-themed houses within an 18x18 plot or smaller! The abyss awaits your legendary craftsmanship.

Contest Guidelines:
  1. Theme: Your house must exude Viking vibes. Think longships, runes, Norse mythology, and warrior aesthetics. Creativity is key!
  2. Size Restriction: The house should fit within an 18x18 plot or smaller. Compact yet powerful, just like a Viking stronghold!
  3. Functionality: Your creation should not only be visually stunning but also serve a purpose in the abyss. It could be a communal space, a place for rituals, or anything that enhances the abyss experience for players.
    See this link for previous Abyss house requirements: https://uoalive.com/forum/threads/abyss-plots-community-submissions-your-shard-your-story.1490/
  4. Haunted Twist: These plots are haunted.. no seriously, so no player is allowed to own them and they will be run by the UOAlive Events account. *lights some smudge sticks*
  5. Submissions: Share screenshots and a brief description of your creation on this forum topic. Be sure to include your in-game character name.
  6. Deadline: Submissions are accepted from November 1st until December 1st, 2023.
  • 2 Houses will be picked and the prizes will be: A Custom Title in game (Viking Inspired!) as well as Sovereigns to spend on your own homes!
Judging Criteria:
  • Creativity and adherence to the Viking theme.
  • Functionality and practicality in the abyss.
  • Haunting appeal and unity with the other house designs. Be sure to communicate with your fellow participants. TEAMWORK makes the dream work!

NOTE: Winning houses in this event will become landmarks in the abyss, under the ownership of the UOAlive Events Team. Your name will be prominently displayed, showcasing your contribution to the UOAlive community. Please note that while you won't personally own these houses, they will stand as a testament to your creativity and community spirit, visible to the entire server. Your legacy will be permanently etched into the UOAlive world through these community-built structures.

Let the Viking creativity flow, and may the most legendary homes claim their rightful place in the abyss! Skol! 🍻
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gather around the fire place after rowing, pillaging , setting fire to villages and take a minuet to enjoy the plunder of a hard viking day in this spacious 18x18 viking inspired home





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Algiz Langhus is slightly worn down but is still protected from the Abyss' denizens by the rune of Algiz (protection/defence) on its roof, and the dragon watching over it's entrance.

1st floor is the communal area, with small crafting and cooking areas and places to sit, eat and get merry. There is a small stabling area outside for your furry companions to take a rest too! The crate near the forges would be public to allow restocking of repair deeds, food and bandages for visitors. A teleporter in the top-left corner takes you to the 2nd floor.

2nd floor is a small shrine area, with a crystal portal to easily escape if your supplies have run out. Along with a rune book to be filled with some famous locations such as the Community Rune Library or Three Stone Tavern. The chaos shrine area will allow those dearly departed to walk among the living once again (unfortunately I don't have the required vet reward level to get the actual ankh). The pouch on the scribe's table would be public to allow restocking of recall scrolls.
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Question about this contest: Are we supposed to decorate as well or are we just submitting the structure?
Question about this contest: Are we supposed to decorate as well or are we just submitting the structure?
If you wish to donate decorated ideas you may but it will be committed as you submit it so you will lose those items. Either or is fine.
So, here's my attempt, this was alot harder than I first anticipated! And love all of the entries so far!

Here we have Heimdall’s Watch
Heimdall’s Watch, a spectral refuge nestled in the shadowy Abyss of Ultima Online, stands as a haven for the intrepid and the seekers of arcane wonders. In this subterranean expanse, where shadows dance and the echoes of ancient magic reverberate, the Hall materializes as a sanctuary at the confluence of realms.

With ethereal torchlight casting an eerie glow upon the rune-carved walls, Heimdall's Watch in the Abyss beckons adventurers from the far reaches of Britannia. Its otherworldly patrons include seasoned warriors, mages attuned to the eldritch, and wandering souls drawn to the mysteries concealed within the depths.

Within these shadowy confines, the air is thick with the resonance of whispered incantations and the murmur of tales untold. The bar, adorned with mysterious artifacts and relics from beyond the veil, serves as a gathering point for those who navigate the perilous lands of the Abyss and seek refuge in camaraderie.








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