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IMPORTANT Zero Tolerance Policy / Safe Space Rules

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The Zero Tolerance Policy of UOAlive is a set of rules that are strictly enforced to maintain a safe and inclusive environment for all members of the community. We understand that humor and good company are important aspects of our community, but we also recognize that there are certain behaviors that are unacceptable and will not be tolerated. These behaviors include racist slurs, insulting comments about sensitive issues such as sexual orientation, and other forms of hate speech.

We want to make it clear that any member who engages in this type of behavior will be immediately expelled from the site and any community they have joined. In addition, we will notify the appropriate authorities and take whatever actions are necessary to ensure that our community remains safe and inclusive for all.

We also want to address the use of certain terms that are commonly used in the gaming culture but can be offensive to some members of our community. These terms include, but are not limited to, the word for sexual assault, fag, and gay. While we do not want to censor our members, we will not tolerate use of these terms, as they do not reflect the values or the image of the Ultima Online community as a whole. Just to be very clear this doesn't include normal chatter and conversation like cursing this is in direct relation to blatant hate and toxicity. We do have families and kids on the server, so being respectful of those around you is always something to keep in mind. Common courtesy and situational awareness are very welcome here.

In summary, UOAlive has a zero-tolerance policy for hate speech and any form of discrimination. We are committed to maintaining a safe and inclusive environment for all members of our community, and we will take all necessary actions to ensure that this policy is enforced. We ask that all members be mindful of their words and actions and to refrain from using any language or behavior that could be considered offensive or harmful to others.


Remember everyone this is a game, please the play the game, not each other. There are human beings on the other end of those pixels. Your words have consequences on others mental health, well being, and safety.

It is important to note that our zero tolerance policy extends beyond the boundaries of our website and community. We expect our members to conduct themselves in a respectful and appropriate manner on all social media platforms and other outlets, not just those associated with UOAlive. Bullying, harassment, character attacks, and general "if I don't have something nice to say" common sense applies. As this is a private community, we reserve the right to remove any member who behaves in a manner that is detrimental to the well-being and reputation of our community, both within and outside of our official channels.(if you will do it somewhere else, you do not fit in with the safe space we have created here)


If you have encountered anything of the above or something we did not think of please open a ticket on discord IMMEDIATELY. We have a team of people with different backgrounds, views of the world, and empathy to truly hear you! We do not take this lightly and will make sure it does not continue.

Have you read and agree to these rules? In order to claim your New Player token you must now go to our Discord Server and click the green button that says you "Agree to the Rules" for your permissions, you know you have done this when your name becomes purple and has a tag We Are Alive!
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